Frequently Asked Questions

Product Donations

What type of blankets work best?

Blankets should be NEW or handmade. We appreciate, fleece, “no-sew” and store-bought blankets.  Please no afghans, quilts or double layer fleece blankets.

What does Like New mean?

Like New means top quality and nice enough to give as a gift.

What size should the blankets be?

We ask people to imagine a young child toting a blanket. Ideally, blankets should be able to fit in our canvas tote bag which measures 15-1/2 x 15. (The ideal size is 45 x 60 but NO larger than 50 x 60 please).

Do you accept used blankets?

No. Blankets must be new.

Do you accept used stuffed animals and books?

Yes. Project Sleep Tight appreciates Like New books and stuffed animals. All donated items should be top quality (good enough for your own child).

What type of books are best?

Books appropriate for ages 0 to pre-teen.

Can the blankets and stuffed animals be handmade?

Yes. Project Sleep Tight is happy to receive handmade items! There is nothing more special than items that was made with care especially for a child.

What are the size requirements for the stuffed animals?

The stuffed animals should be no larger than 15” in order to properly fit inside our tote bag. The ideal stuffed animals would be “snuggle size” or a minimum of 8″.
Are there any other restrictions on animals/ books?

Yes, please follow these guidelines:

  • No Beanie Babies.
  • No books or stuffed animals with battery compartments.
  • No stuffed animals that make noises — such as singing, reciting prayers, etc.
  • No religious, commemorative or holiday stuffed animals or books.
  • No stuffed animals over 10 years old (no collections) for dust/sanitary reasons.
  • We do NOT accept items that have been recalled, banned, or do not meet safety standards.

How much should I spend on the contents of a Sleep Tight Tote?

This is absolutely up to you! If you have new and Like New items in your home, you are welcome to use them. If you prefer to purchase your items new, shop wisely to get the most “bang for your buck!”

Financial Donations

Does Project Sleep Tight need financial donations?

Yes! We rely on financial donations to help us cover the ongoing costs of running a not-for-profit organization. Project Sleep Tight operates with very little overhead so that your donation goes directly to the homeless children we serve.
Credit cards are accepted on the WEBSITE and checks may be made payable to “Project Sleep Tight”. Contact us for the mailing address.